7 tips for working with recruiters

A skilled recruiter can make a world of difference for your job search. As you prepare for the January job boom by upping your job search intensity, consider the advantages of working with a recruitment agency. Not only would a recruiter open doors to dream opportunities for you, but also they will give you insight into your marketing materials and coach you on the best job search practices to adopt.

A successful job search is a combination of the right timing, great opportunities, impeccable professional documents, and impressive interview performance. Did you know that your recruiter can help you with all of these? Here are 7 tips for you to foster a positive relationship with your recruiter and succeed in your job search:

1. Identify your career goals

What are you looking for in a job? What kind of an employer do you consider ideal? What is your dream job? When you find answers to these questions before you are halfway into a conversation with your recruiter, you will have a much more fruitful time. A recruiter can easily help you when you know exactly what you want. Your career values will also decide the future of your professional life.

2. Update your resume

Are going into a job search with a resume you wrote back in 2015? Always keep your resume current and update it at least twice a year. If you still haven’t created a master resume for yourself, read this article and write a comprehensive master resume. It will help you keep track of all your professional achievements when you need to update your resume.

3. Do your research on the recruiter

Not every recruiter serves the same type of clientele. Not sure which recruiter to hire? Talking to a life coach may help you figure out the best option for your individual case. Interview your recruiter before you decide to collaborate with them. You need to trust your recruiter for a successful experience for both of you.

4. Treat your recruiter with respect

No one likes to work with an unpleasant client. Respect your recruiter’s busy schedule and understand that they serve multiple clients just like you every day. Don’t keep harassing them with too many phone calls and emails and always be polite and courteous.

5. Follow through when you agree to something

A job search will have a long list of interviews and meetings. When you ask your recruiter to schedule an interview or meeting for you, follow through with the commitment. If you end up not attending, it looks bad on both you and the recruiter.

6. Understand that your recruiter knows what they are doing

A recruiter has a lot of experience with guiding job seekers in the right way. It’s always good to trust the judgment of your recruiter. Most of the time, they know what they are talking about and will help you uncover the right opportunities.

7. Provide all the information your recruiter needs

Remember, the recruiter can help you only if you let them. Supply the necessary information for your recruiter and answer their queries promptly. Don’t hold back information regarding your career from the recruiter. You will have to explain career gaps or unsavory terminations for them to provide you with a good service.

By Resume Mansion


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