8 Fastest Growing Occupations in 2022 for High School Graduates

Are you having trouble deciding which career path to take after your high school education? It can be quite hard to decide your career path, or to decide which higher educational qualifications you want to gain after the GED. There are risks in almost every job field but choosing a career with a fast growth rate is always a safe option. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook issued by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following occupations show the highest projected percent change of employment between 2020-30.

  1. Motion Picture Projectionists
  2. Wind Turbine Service Technicians
  3. Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers
  4. Nurse Practitioners
  5. Solar Photovoltaic Installers
  6. Restaurant Cooks
  7. Agents and Business Managers Of Artists, Performers, And Athletes
  8. Costume Attendants

Motion Picture Projectionists

Motion picture projectionists handle setting up and operating media equipment such as motion pictures, film, projectors, and computers. They inspect equipment to find errors or defects, repair and maintain electronic equipment, and operate audio-visual equipment. A high school diploma is sufficient for this job though some employees have a related associate degree. This occupation shows a growth rate of 70% and received an annual median pay of $29,350 in 2021.

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Wind turbine service technicians are the professionals who install, run, maintain, and repair wind turbines. They troubleshoot equipment, collect data, and test mechanical systems of turbines. An associate’s degree or high school diploma is needed for this job. Wind turbine service technicians must undergo a suitable training before working in the field. This job has a growth rate of 68% and received an annual median pay of $56,260 in 2021.

Ushers, Lobby Attendants, And Ticket Takers

Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers are responsible for greeting and receiving customers at entertainment events. They help patrons, receive and solve customer issues, check and collect passes, etc. Knowledge of MS Office suite, optical character reader scanning software, and customer service are needed for these jobs. These professions display a growth rate of 62% and received an annual median pay of $24,440 in 2021.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are trained healthcare professionals responsible for supplying advanced nursing services. Their job duties differ with their specialty. Most nurse practitioners conduct physical examinations of patients, administer diagnostic tests to patients, and train patients and families to manage injuries. A master’s degree in nursing is a must-have for this profession. They must also be licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). The nurse practitioner occupation exhibits a growth rate of 52% and received an annual median pay of $120,680 in 2021.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Solar photovoltaic installers are responsible for assembling, installing, and maintaining solar photovoltaic systems. They assess locations suitable for solar panels, inspect wiring and installation, and calibrate solar systems. Even though a high school diploma is sufficient for most employers, vocational or technical school training is expected of candidates. This profession shows a growth rate of 52% and received an annual median pay of $47,670 in 2021.

Restaurant Cooks

Restaurant cooks are culinary experts responsible for meal prepping, cooking dishes, and presenting food items in an attractive manner to patrons. They prepare meals in a restaurant, ensure the freshness of ingredients, and maintain cleanliness standards in the kitchen. A high school diploma or an equivalent qualification alongside culinary school education is needed for this job. Restaurant Cooks show a growth rate of 49% and received an annual median pay of $30,010 in 2021.

Agents And Business Managers of Artists, Performers, And Athletes

These professionals are responsible for representing and promoting artists, performers, and athletes. They handle business matters such as contract negotiation for their clients and secure auditions for clients by sending out promotional material. Good knowledge of customer service, sales, marketing, multimedia, and arts is necessary to succeed as an agent. Most agents have a high school diploma or GED while some even have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. These occupations exhibit a growth rate of 46% and received an annual median pay of $78,410 in 2021.

Costume Attendants

Costume attendants are professionals in the fashion industry who are responsible for organizing costumes for performance arts. They arrange costumes for performers, ensure quick-change procedures for performers, and oversee locker arrangements for employees and performers. Costume attendants come from various educational levels from GED’s to bachelor’s degrees in theatre or design. A good eye for fashion, knowledge about textiles, and organizational skills are needed to succeed as a costume attendant. Costume attendant jobs display a growth rate of 44% and received an annual median pay of $47,850 in 2021.

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