Automate your job search this holiday season

Are you still searching for jobs the old fashioned way, manually going through job postings one by one? It is an effective but time-consuming strategy. What if we told you that you can automate your job search and free up a few hours for your loved ones this holiday season?

Searching for a new job doesn’t have to be a full-time job in itself. There are several tools and strategies you can use to automate most of your job searching tasks. This guide will tell you just what to do to take some job-searching weight off your shoulders.

Sign up for email alerts

Don’t want to spend all day in front of the screen waiting for an opportunity to pop up? Ask the job sites to do that work for you. Pick a few job sites that carry the kind of jobs you want in your target industry. Then, set up email alerts for new job openings that match with your criteria. Be sure to filter the email alerts so that you don’t have to deal with an inbox full of useless job alerts. You can also use a site that pulls aggregate results from many job boards so that you will have all the alerts in one place.

Join company websites

Have a few target employers in mind? Visit their company websites. Many employers have a ‘Careers’ page on their website where you can learn more about new job openings in their organization. Check the website for a ‘future opportunities’ or ‘create an account’ option. If they have the feature, sign up for it. Then, you will be able to either apply for future opportunities with the employer or receive alerts when new jobs open at the company. This way, you don’t have to spend an hour a week going through every employer’s website searching for opportunities.

Outsource the job search

Outsourcing your job search is one of the best things you can do for your career. There are many professional services out there such as recruitment agencies, headhunters, and placement agencies that will do all the hard work for you. And the best part? The fees for these agencies are paid by the employer who hires them, not you! When working with recruiters you automatically do better for yourself because most recruiters receive great opportunities from employers, often with better compensation and benefits.

Keyword-optimize your professional profiles

Why go chasing after job opportunities when you can make them come to you? Did you know that keyword-rich professional profiles attract recruiters and headhunters? Pay attention to all your job-related profiles such as LinkedIn, FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, etc. Add keywords related to your target job title and industry to your professional profiles. An optimized LinkedIn profile or other job-related profile will help you pop on the search results of employers. Also, you can use the ‘quick apply’ feature on these platforms to apply for jobs with ease.

Create a master resume template

There’s no way that you can automate your resume-writing process. However, you can make it a lot easier on you to tailor the resume for a new job title. First, create a master resume template. This is a longer version of your actual resume that carries all the information about your career. It contains all your skills, past jobs, achievements, educational qualifications, certifications, and extra info. It also has the same design and formatting as your tailored resume. When you want to apply for a job in a hurry, all you have to do is use a new version of your master resume and delete the unnecessary information from it.

Don’t want to go through all that trouble to tailor your resume? Get your resume tailored for any job in just 24 hours! Purchase your favorite package from today and fast-track your way to your dream job!

By Resume Mansion


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