Five resume writing hacks for executives

Writing a killer executive resume is no walk in the park. You need to focus on your job-related skills while also emphasizing your leadership skills. Your executive resume must always showcase your management style. On top of it all, you must highlight a significant number of professional achievements on your executive resume. While doing all of this, your resume must also bring out the best of your soft skills.

Creating an executive resume that gets results is not an easy task if you are not familiar with resume writing. Luckily, Resume Mansion’s expert team is just one click away. Submit your executive resume to us for a free resume critique before you start updating it for 2023. Until you receive the results of your resume critique, here are a few things you can try with your resume:

Craft a powerful executive summary

Did you know that hiring managers read the resume summary before they get to the other sections of your resume? Consider that your resume is a two-hour adventure movie. Then, your resume summary is the 30-second movie trailer that shows the most thrilling parts to hook the viewers. Avoid using buzzwords and jargon to flavor your resume. Instead, sprinkle a good dose of professional achievements on your summary statement.

Highlight unique value proposition on the resume

What sets you apart from a hundred other equally educated candidates in the job market? It is your unique value proposition. If you believe that the combination of a particular set of skills, experiences, and personal traits makes you the perfect candidate for the role, highlight those on your resume.

Give prominence to leadership and vision

Leadership traits are important for an executive resume. You must showcase how you have taken the initiative to lead project teams to success on your resume. Use examples from when you have achieved great results on projects that you have planned, designed, and led. Have you developed strategies that brought value to the business? Then, highlight your contribution on the resume. Show the instances where you have spotted opportunities ahead and created your vision for the future. Have you launched a small business from the ground up into a solid standing? Then, you must reserve a special place on your resume for those achievements.

Write concrete accomplishments that are hard to ignore

Don’t let the hiring manager’s eyes skip over your valuable contributions by phrasing your achievements meekly like, “Delivered projects on time.” Instead, write confident bullet points that pop. The next time you talk about project management on your resume, try something like, “Completed 100% of design projects on time and on budget by optimizing task management of the team.”

Bring out the best of your skills and expertise

You are applying for an executive role. While emphasizing your leadership skills on the resume, you must also give sufficient attention to your management skills and technical skills. Show how you are familiar with the latest tech developments in the sector by adding your certifications and licenses to your resume. Create a separate Hobbies & Interests section for your resume to showcase your involvement with industry-related topics. When listing your work experience, add accomplishments that quantify your work-related skills and expertise.

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