How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

If you have freshly graduated, we would suggest you have a professional and well-optimized LinkedIn profile. Whether you are a job seeker at the moment, or not, this social platform can bring you the big break that your career demands. LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing business platforms in the internet world that connects people from around the world. It is incredibly efficient in helping people, finding their dream jobs. It allows professionals in getting the jobs that they deserve. We cannot stress enough upon how an excellent LinkedIn profile can turn the tables around for you.

If you are new to LinkedIn and are trying to figure out, how can you make a good profile; then we are here to help you. We have summed up some crucial information which will help you in making a good profile. These will aid you in magnetizing recruiters and approaching you for suitable positions. Let's get into it, shall we?

Professional Headline makes your profile UNIQUE:

A professional headline that is unique and oriented towards your desired career path is unique. People usually don't give a lot of thought to this headline, and this is where they go wrong. Add keywords to your headline to make it professional. It must reflect the career that you wish to pursue so that the recruits know what you are offering. Add keywords (cannot stress enough on this) as it will make you pop up in search of LinkedIn.

Your name must be searchable:

Next up, you have to make sure that you are searchable on LinkedIn. Add a nickname, next to your professional name so that it becomes easier for recruiters to search for you.

Don't specify on your location a lot:

You don't have to mention the street no and your town name precisely in the LinkedIn profile. A lot of people are unable to get a chance as the recruits assume that they won't be able to travel to their office daily. Therefore, you need to broaden your locality. Add the name of your town and not your specific area.

Highlight your abilities:

What makes you unique? Your strengths are your asset. But how have they helped you in gaining experience? This is what matters the most. This will make you ten times more attractive than an average person who has written a usual experience section. Optimize this section by highlighting your skills, and you are going to rock a lot of opportunities.

Write down your top 10 skills:

People don't give much thought to the process of listing down their abilities. This is where they go wrong. Your LinkedIn profile can bring in some fantastic potential employers to you; make it worth the big deals. Write down all of your skills roughly on a paper and then arrange them. Pick the top 10 ones and put them up on your LinkedIn profile. List the skills that you wish to be known for. Also, be honest while you do so. You don't want to end up at a job where you know nothing, but your profile says that you are an expert at all of it.


In a nutshell; your presence on LinkedIn is essential these days. If you wish to avail excellent and better opportunities over time, then you need to make an eye-catching profile. It must be attractive for the recruiters so that they approach you. This can be a huge career changing point for you. Therefore, focus on it in the best way that you can. Take your time to set up a professional profile and make it unique.

By Resume Mansion


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