How to write a resume and land that job

A good resume is what stands between you and that job you need. All job seekers know the importance of a professional and attractive resume these days. If you have a good resume, you are certainly going to get replies from the bunch of companies you apply to. On the contrary, if your resume lacks professionalism and is not written correctly; you will sit for weeks, wondering why you haven't gotten the call yet.

So you might think what makes a resume the best? How should you write it to land that job? How can you get an interview call from some of the best companies? Here we have a small guide about how you need to make the right resume to land that job.

Essential Elements to get right:

Okay so before we dig into details, here are some essential elements that make a resume stand out!

● Choose the right and latest resume format/layout.

● Make sure that you mention your contact number along with your details.

● A resume summary is a must (mostly termed as your objective).

● List all of your experiences and whatever you have achieved (no matter how small it is).

● Make a list of your skills

● Craft a good cover letter along with your resume to showcase your professionalism

Tips to make your resume right:

The very first thing that a job recruiter is going to notice is your resume layout. Thus, it is vital to get it right. It shouldn't be cluttered; the organisation is the key. It shouldn't be boring. Make it attractive enough for the recruiter to at least read through it. Here are some quick tips for the resume layout:

● The length of your resume shouldn't be more than two pages.

● Use the same font and font size that you have picked separately for the headings and the body. Headers should have the same size.

● Leave a lot of space around the margins: don't crowd the sides.

● The font size should be easy to read.

Next up, you need to make sure that all the essential elements are on the resume. They are:

● Contact information

● Resume summary or your objective

● Work experiences (internships, awards, certifications-any achievement)

● Educational history

● Skills-hard and soft both

● Optional section; it includes your hobbies, languages etc.

Resume Summary is extremely important:

Remember that your resume summary is the first impression! And we all know that the first impression is the last one. Thus, your objective is the deal maker or breaker for you. Stats show us that a recruiter spends just 6-8 seconds going through one resume. Until and unless you have left a good impression on the recruiter; your resume will get more time. This is why your resume summary holds a lot of importance. Further, this summary is going to deliver your goals to the recruiter in a nutshell (say, 3-4 lines).

Be real in your resume! Do not add anything that doesn't exist. Being honest is the key to success. Don't add an achievement that you haven't actually attained in real life (you can be asked for certifications). The key to a great resume to land your dream job is simple:

● Be genuine and honest

● Keep the layout professional and clean

● Don't crowd the resume

● Write an attractive summary to grab the attention

● Proofread as many times as you can

Start writing your resume now and give it a lot of your time and effort as it is the deal maker or breaker for you. With the help of some simple rules, you can make your resume stand out amongst a crowd of other resumes! It is just a matter of how much attention and effort you put into crafting it.

By Resume Mansion


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