Surviving The Recession Would Not Be Much Hard If You Follow These Job Search Tips

Although the much-anticipated recession has not hit the US job market as badly as we feared, it is never a bad idea to recession-proof your career. Things may not seem as bad to those of you who are employed at the moment, but we understand how stressful it can be to be unemployed during a turbulent time.

If you are affected by the recession while on the lookout for a new job, there are many different tactics you can use to have satisfactory results. When you start searching for your job using the right strategies, you can succeed, despite how bad the job market is.

Here’s how you should prepare for your job search during the recession:

Conduct thorough research before you make conclusions or resign ideas

There is no point in applying for twenty jobs in your preferred industry if the sector is not hiring at present. You will keep sending out application after application to be rejected, only because employers have closed their doors to new talent.

Before you choose a particular job to apply for, research the hiring trends of the industry. Does it seem as if the hiring rates are rising shortly? Or do you sense a dip in hiring? If it doesn’t seem as if you stand much of a chance because of the hiring policies, start considering other options.

One effective way of battling a recession is to sit back and identify the industries that are actively hiring even during the setback in the job market. You can simply run a web search to research hiring trends.

Otherwise, you’d end up thinking there is something wrong with your qualifications or your resume when you don’t get hired after multiple tries.

Change the way you approach employers

Most candidates walk into interviews thinking “What can I get from this job?” instead of pondering on the more important question, “What does this company gain from hiring me?.” Portray yourself as an asset to the employer by emphasizing your previous professional achievements.

When you send out your resume, ensure that it is results-oriented and uses numbers to quantify important results. Employers can’t resist a candidate who has achieved impeccable results in previous jobs.

When asked questions about your role in the previous position during an interview, don’t simply list job duties. Describe a tricky situation that you handled well with positive results.

Your professional skills are valuable assets, but use them wisely

Skills are particularly important for those of you on the job search without much job-related experience. Fresh college grads and job seekers looking for internships all focus on skills-oriented resumes to convince employers that they are competent.

However, skills are not the only important thing about you in the job search. While you give importance to your skills on your resume, keep in mind that results speak louder.

Show the employer what you can do for them

The driving force behind almost all job market trends is money. It is the same with the recession. Most employers are on the lookout for candidates who can help them either make more money or save more money.

Whenever you refresh your resume for a new job application, keep the money factor in mind. Use numbers and percentages to show how much you contributed to the revenue generation of the previous employer. Highlight how you made the initiative to save dollars by cutting down on costs.

Be sure to lead with achievements

Any job seeker out there can write a regular resume with a college education and a good enough skill set. However, employees who accomplished nearly impossible tasks are rare. Make sure that your resume highlights all those instances where you solved a particularly difficult problem for your previous employer to save money.

Recruiters admire a candidate who can make wise decisions and solve problematic situations. Especially during a recession, achievements related to fiscal management are coveted elements on a candidate’s resume. So, tailor your resume to suit the needs of the day to have a fighting chance of getting a job during this recession.

By Resume Mansion


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