The art of writing a resignation letter

Resignation letter is generally written to notify your employer the information of the resignation. You decided to write resignation letter when you get another great position or it may be any personal cause. Your purpose is to inform your employer in both cases. For writing a useful resignation letter you may require few skills and also written in a professional way. This is the chance that you can build up more strong relationship with your supervisor so they might be helpful for you in a future. In this article, I’ll explain that how you can write resignation letter more effectively and share few guidelines of writing it.

Following instructions can help you to create a more effective resignation letter because body of a letter should be in sequence and all reasons must be clearly mentioned,

  • Firstly, a proper introduction is needed. If you are going to work few more days or not but a formal introduction is required and is a first step to write a resignation letter. Start with greeting like “Dear (boss’s first name)”.
  • State your objective to resign as this is very important and specify clearly that you are leaving your job and also mention your last day of work. Pattern should be like; “please accept this note of a resignation (mention your current position and organization name). My last day of work will be (mention date, it generally considers 2 weeks after giving notice). Leaving before 2 weeks gives a bad impression to your employer.
  • Mention the cause of leaving in the letter based on the circumstances. For example you have found a new position in other organization, or leaving because of personal concerns. Even if you are going to start some certification then clearly mention your degree name along school name.
  • If you have faced any bad experience in the organization then your statement in the letter should be like “due to some professional as well as personal reasons, I will not be able to give my services but I have learned a lot throughout the period with the organization (mention name of a company).
  • Your resignation letter must express the gratefulness regarding to your experience and whatever you have learned there. Be glad and state that it is a great opportunity to work with and you have learned from your team members. But you should not mention anyone’s name. Because your letter surround in office circle and be seen by all senior management.
  • When you are concluding you letter make sure to end with good wishes for the future success of the company. Show your interest that you want to get in touch even after leaving. You can write statement like “I wish to carry on a professional association with the team and hope to meet in future. Good luck to all team and employees for an advantageous prospect of a company.
  • Lastly, keep a copy of a letter with you so in future you can assist others when they will ask that how you have handled the departed phase from the company.

By Resume Mansion


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