Things every graduate should know before starting job hunting

One of the biggest turning points in a person’s life is when he gets graduated. Every single person has one common goal after graduation and that goal is to find a job. Finding a job seems quite easy but honestly it is a one daunting task and it’s not only your degree that matters, in fact, there are several other factors that people consider before hiring someone. Your qualification comes first but then your skills, your confidence level and your communication etc matters the most and as a graduate you should first work on these skills and then start hunting for a job.

Now, if you are someone who just got his degree and is now looking for a well-paid job then you need to stick with this article a little longer. Because today we are going to jot down some very important things that you must acknowledge in order to land on a good job that pays well too.

1-Don’t settle for an unpaid internship

There is just no thing as an unpaid internship and as a graduate you will see a lot of companies offering you internship letters and asking you to work as an office boy for them. Remember, you are a respected graduate and you did not sign up for all this which is why be picky when it comes to the internships and go for the one that at least pays you some wager for the work you do. Also, don’t settle to clean someone’s fridge or bring them coffee and water on the table, instead look for a respected internship where you actually have to work and get feedback on it.

2-Always have a back up plan

Remember that not all the internships are going to turn into permanent jobs so you need to have a back up plan in case things don’t work out the way you expected. Also, as a graduate having no option left and being jobless will just make you vulnerable at the end of your internship. Now, in this situation having a backup plan means lining up for another internship to move on to before your current one ends..!

3-Know when to leave

You cannot just survive on the internship all your life, right? You have to move on sooner or later and you should know when it’s the right time to do that. If you internship turns out to be a permanent job that pays well then yes you should definitely take the offer. But if your internship has no future in a company then after a while you should leave that place. No matter how much they want you to stay there and work as an intern, just never forget your worth and value your skills and your degree.

4-Value your own work

It doesn’t matter how much you are being paid as an intern, just never think that it’s enough for the rest of your life. Again, you cannot just stay at the same place, at the same wage for all your life because in order to be successful, you will have to move on with life and explore yourself. It is an undeniable that there are millions and millions of graduates looking for jobs out there but that doesn’t drops the value of your degree.

These are a few things that every graduate out there should know. Furthermore, one should never stop hunting for a job no matter how many times you’ve failed. Just have some faith in yourself and you’ll do wonders in the world that you never even imagined.

By Resume Mansion


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