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The United States is one of the most popular countries to have a massive demand for waitress jobs. If you are looking for this job, then you certainly want to build an attractive resume as well. It is usually said that being a waitress or waiter is a thankless job, and we agree with it. The pay is low, and you have to be on the go, for endless hours without much appreciation. But we all have a hard time in our lives where we are going through a pitfall, and we have to turn our course towards such jobs to bring us a good side paycheck. A lot of people opt for this job because they need a steady paycheck on the side, to go on with their educational expenses or some other reasons. No matter what the reason might be; you need to create your CV for this job position as well. Here are some steps of guidance for creating your resume as a waitress or waiter.

Research about the restaurant:

Before you begin writing your CV, you need to research the restaurant you are applying to. Are you picking a fine dining restaurant or a casual and chic one? Different restaurants need different types of waitresses. When you research the type of restaurant, you understand the skills they might need in the resume. This will help you draft a CV that is relevant to the restaurant, which automatically increases your chances of getting the job. Research is crucial, and sadly, almost all the candidates miss out on those.

Career Objective:

Career objective has to set up an image of yours to the potential employer, within 2-3 lines. This is your make or break deal; thus invest your time and thoughts into it. It must reflect who you are and what your aims are. Now people who do not wish to be a part of this job for a long time and might be applying just for the sake of some financial troubles will find it hardest to pin down a good objective. Do you just need to think about what can make the employer hire me? Even if you have no experience, just let the recruiter know why you want to be a part of the restaurant.

Skills and responsibilities:

A recruiter roughly spends 6-8 seconds on one CV, and most of that time is dedicated to the skills and experience section. Thus, you need to highlight it and make it enjoyable. As a waitress, what responsibilities you might have to possess? What type of skills would the recruiter want in you? Read through the job description, understand their needs and build a CV skill section according to that.

On the other hand, if you have worked in different restaurants, then your work experience is going to shine. If you have not, then you will have to add the knowledge that you have and try to quantify how you were useful in another company. This will attract the recruiter towards you. Maybe he needs your abilities in his restaurant too (you never know).


Majority of people who opt for waiter or waitress jobs do not wish to avail it as a lifetime professor. It is usually due to financial troubles or a side paycheck. Minimal people opt for it as a profession, and they have their reasons too. No matter why you are applying for this position, you need to pen down a smart and professional resume. If you badly need to land this job, then you have to put in the effort to attract the recruiter through your CV.

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