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Write your resume like this to get hired

A professional resume is your ticket to a dream career. A strong resume can help open better opportunities for you. However, not every job seeker manages to write a resume that highlights their best selling points. Today, we are going to discuss what you need to do to get your resume seen by an employer.

Include all the basic information

Employers expect to see a certain set of basic information on your resume. If you fail to provide a crucial piece of information, your job application may face the possibility of getting rejected. First, start by creating the basic resume sections:

Go a little bit further

Every job seeker will include the five basic sections in their resume. If you want your resume to stand out among the competition, create some additional resume sections. Certifications & Licenses, Languages, Projects, Awards, Publications, Achievements, and Hobbies and Interests are some great choices for additional resume sections.

Mention the right skills

You may have a ton of skills spanning across multiple areas. However, a potential employer will only be interested in some of them. If you mention unrelated skills on your resume, you may run out of space to mention the related ones. Carefully craft your skills section to suit the requirements listed in the job description. You may even have to describe certain skills using synonyms to match keywords.

Use a good amount of keywords

Keywords are an important aspect of your resume. No matter how skilled you are, you will appear unqualified to an employer without the right keywords describing your qualifications. Employers scan resumes for a set of keywords that they have mentioned in the job description. Therefore, whenever you create a resume, pay attention to the keywords used by the employer. This article will teach you a lot about adding keywords to a resume.

Mention the right information first

What can an employer see when they first look at your resume? Is it a mundane list of job duties at a past role, or is it a carefully crafted summary statement? The very best pieces of information about your carer must go at the top of your resume, preferably in the first half of the page. This way, employers are bound to see your best qualifications first.

Consider the presentation

Is your resume a boring black-and-white document that has no design elements? Then, you will be creating a dull first impression in the recruiter’s mind. The resume template you choose matters a lot when it comes to impressing a hiring manager. Use an attractive and modern resume template for your job application.

Ensure ATS-friendliness

Applicant Tracking Systems are everywhere. In a few years, you won’t be able to apply for a job without your resume going through an ATS. Today, a majority of large and mid-scale employers use ATSs. Choose an ATS-friendly format for your resume. Ensure that your section titles are traditional. Also, be mindful of the design choices you make, since certain ATSs cannot parse all kinds of design elements.

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