What modes of payment do you accept?
We primarily accept payments through Visa, Master Card, and AMEX according to the convenience of the client.

What can I do if I forgot to include some details while checking out?
You can directly send them through your Resume Mansion profile page or send an email to info@resumemansion.com or writetomansion@gmail.com and include your missing details along with your order number.

Which transferable skills are most in demand by employers?
Every career expert has a different list of skills most in demand by employers (although certain items, such as teamwork, interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills, appear on almost all lists).

Who is a Certified Resume Writer?
Our writers have certifications from different professional institutions. All our writers are CPRW and NRWA Certified.

Who will write my resume?
We will first go through your and your requirements and then assign a certified writer experienced in your field of interest to write a for you.

What do I require to avail the services of Resume Mansion?
You just have to upload your previous resume and some additional details (if any). If you do not already have a resume, we will provide you with the questionnaire. You can contact us anytime for assistance. Press the "Contact" tab or email us at info@resumemansion.com.

Do you tailor resumes generally or for specific jobs?
We create both specific and general resumes based on the client’s demand.

In which format will I receive the resume?
You will receive files in Word and PDF format.

What is the importance of Keyword selection?
In today’s age, employers do not manually read every resume most of the time. They use algorithms to search for specific keywords for every job position and narrow down the list of potential candidates. Resume Mansion knows what exact keywords to use to make you in the shortlisted candidates.

Is "references available upon request" a necessity?
Including this statement or not on your CV is upon you-after all, you are stating the availability of your references when need be. However, if you need to save space, just drop it.

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