Did you know that AI can help with interview prep?

A few years ago, a job seeker would have to spend hours in front of their computer researching the employer and searching up sample interview questions in preparation for a job interview. All of this would have to happen over an already time-consuming job search that takes up most of their free hours. However, with the advancement of technology, the modern job seeker does not have to spend so much time and effort on interview prep.

There are many Artificial Intelligence tools out there that you can use to help prepare for a job interview. ChatGPT, Bard, and Copilot are some AI tools that are accessible to a majority of job seekers. Here are some things that these AI tools can help you with when preparing for a job interview:

Create mock interviews

What better way to prepare yourself to face an interview than to face a mock interview? Use different AI tools to engage in mock interviews. As each AI tool has a distinct language pattern and perspective to offer, you will get to customize your training for different interviewer styles. Pay attention to the types of interview questions you are asked.

Get help for company research

AI tools can help you get your company research done faster. Use ChatGPT to get a broader perspective of the industry and the company. Bard can help you dive deeper into topics and gain insight into industry-related events. Feed the URL of the company website to Bard and ask it to summarize the key points for you.

Analyze your answers

Remember those mock interviews? The next time you take a mock interview, record your answers to specific questions. Once you are done, you can upload the audio to the AI tool for analysis. Both ChatGPT and Bard can help you analyze your answer to see how well you answered the interviewer’s questions. Use Bard to get an analysis of the industry-specific content of your answers and ChatGPT to analyze your delivery.

Give AI information first

Before jumping in headfirst and asking your AI tool to blindly help you with your job search, give it the information it will need to create a customized response for you. Teach your AI tool a few details about your career before you start with the interview prep. Some important pieces of information to supply are the job title and company you are applying for, your resume, and any information you have about the interview. If you have any concerns about your career that you think will need to be addressed during an interview, let the AI toll know about that as well. This will help you have a better experience.

Use predictive analysis functions

AI can also help you identify which jobs you should apply for. AI tools can find job openings and advertisements that are perfect matches for your criteria. Be sure to keep an eye out on niche markets and emerging trends in the job market using Bard when you search for a job. ChatGPT can help you gain a general perspective about an industry you are interested in applying for.

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